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   With traditional methods of decorating shirts such as screen printing it is very expensive to set up to do a multi color print. Both of the methods below allow us to make one shirt or a few shirts at a time with full color at a reasonable cost. Volume printing of course will bring the price down. Both methods chemically react with the garment material so you are not appling a transfer paper to the shirt which may peel, fade or yellow over time but actually bonding with the shirt adding to the durablity of the design. 

  direct to garment printing
   This is a new technology that we have followed for a few years and feel it is ready for production. It allows us to print with special inks directly on all colors of fabric in full color with a Epson printer and special platent. The chemistry works only with 100% cotton materials and appears to be durable through many washings. We can make just one shirt economically with a digital set-up and even reproduce full color photographs accurately on black shirts.
   We can do just one so upload your design then fill in the contact us information form and we will get back to you. You can choose from a variety of garments from our main catalog and create your unique design at Design Your Shirt. Typical cost is $25 to $35 for one shirt with 1 or 2 sides plus shipping.

Dye Sublimation
   Dye Sublimation is a process which uses special dyes in place of ink and is printed on a paper substrate. This dye only reacts with a white polyester cloth to produce a permanent non crack, non fade, no feel design on special shirts and a variety of other products such as mugs , mouse pads, badges... The process requires application at 400 degrees and high pressure.
   We can reproduce full color photographs or multicolor logos or clip art and words at the same cost. The resulting special tee shirts are the best quality with a good feel and top durability. Many performance and team sports shirts are made of polyester but they must be white in order to carry true colors of the design with this process.
   We can do just one or many as you want so upload your photo or design then fill in the contact us information form and we will get back to you with a quote. (typically $30 to $40 for one shirt 1 or 2 sided design plus shipping.) Note: This process can be done only on special white tee shirts that we supply in ladies, men's and youth short sleeve and long sleeves sizes.

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   we now offer full color direct to garment printing for just one shirt!

   we have special pricing for
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