screen printing

Screen printing is the ancient art of creating a screen from the artist work which will allow an ink to pass through onto a surface so that the art can be duplicated multiple times. We continue that tradition with the help of computers and highly refined inks that we cure/ bake into the garments at 330 degrees F. so they will remain colorful after many washings. This process is most economical for higher volume(>36 pieces)and larger designs with a few colors(<3) since the price is based on the number of colors printed at each location.
Screen Printing options include:
  • Print Size
  • Placement
  • Number of Colors
  • Range of Colors and Special Effects

    We can scale your print to nearly any size from the artwork you send us from a typical 3 1/2" left chest to a typical 11" x 11" full back. A practical maximum size will depend on the smallest shirt you want it printed on or our screen size at 14"x 14".
     We can place your designs where ever you want them but typically we do left chest, front center, back center, on either sleeve and bottom back.
    We screen print up to 3 spot colors and with more colors like a photograph we recommend using one of our full color options. Our standard print colors are shown here. We can mix any color to match PMS specified colors (Pantone Matching System). We also have some special effects inks including metallic shimmer inks in blue, green, silver and gold, glow in the dark ink, crystalline and suede. We can get others for your special project.
   Now that you know a little bit about screen printing you can start your design and ordering process at start here.

[Screen Printing]

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   we now offer full color direct to garment printing for just one shirt!

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