congratulations! Getting started!
You were selected to find garments for your group! It's not easy, but someone has to do it. The following are some of our observations after working with so many people like you.

, somehow you will need to decide on a consensus of the group for what you are going to do. You can dictate - you make all the decisions since you know the group - by far the easiest or you may die trying. You can try to make everyone happy by offering every style, color, etc that anyone has ever thought of - admirable but impossible and insanity usually follows. We suggest a small group of 2-3 people who take on the task of decisions, presentations to the group, gathering orders and getting back to the group.

Second, you will need to decide on designs - simple is better - something everyone can identify with. Design Your Shirt will help you the create a design and share it. Be sure that you save the design name with your email. You will also need to decide on the garment or garments to be offered. We recommend only 2 or 3 choices at a time. One is not enough because everyone can find something wrong with it and you need to focus their attention on choosing between things not whether to buy. More than three items is a nightmare on who ordered what and why. Our main catalog is a good place to start. Use the inquiry shopping function to pick garments and sizes, then fill in your contact information. We will get back to you promptly with questions and a quote as the prices in the catalog are not accurate for your specific project.

Third, is pricing and it should be simple - round up to the nearest dollar and give the difference to charity. Allow plenty of time to get items back to your group. You don't want expectations to rise so you have to be afraid to go home at night to angry phone calls. Assume that 20%-50% of the sales will happen after the last day of the sale, ie. the 'real' deadline is a week later than the deadline or, plan at the start, (don't tell anyone), to put in a 2nd order 2-4 weeks after the first.

Last is for you to have a sense of the size distribution of the group which will get the garments - some have it, some don't have a clue. The simplest approach is one size fits all - X-Large - anyone can wear something too big and not very many people are larger than that. Next is somewhat more responsive, and that is 50% large, 50% x-large to give some choice. The next, more compassionate approach, would add some mediums and xx-large to extend the distribution curve. We don't have an ideal answer for you, unfortunately, remember that people will wear something too large but not too small. We can discuss it with you to help in your decision making process. Good luck!


Simple standard styles and colors of garments and logo will have the widest appeal - not as much fun as something more creative but your project will be more successful with a wider appeal. One item with a little more creativity usually can work.

  sizing philosophy:
Philosophy on sizing garments for a group. The most accurate way, of course, is to have samples and have each person try one on for size before ordering - this is not an ideal world! We can help you with sample packs for sizing or a couple of specific samples of the item you choose.

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